EFT History

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques has been helping people for more than 25 years with life challenges such as low confidence, stress, anxiety, procrastination, phobias and more.

Gary Craig developed EFT from another meridian processs called TFT – Thought Field Therapy. Whereas TFT requires someone to tap on various acumpuncture points a specfic number ot times and in a specific order depending on the issue, EFT requires a simpler and yet still effective approach.

The same acupuncture points are used in the same order with EFT for any and every issue. What makes EFT focus on the issue that someone wants to resolve is that they say out loud or think about words that describe that issue. So for example if someone wants to resolved a spider phobia they might say ou loud “This spider phobia” whilst at the same time tapping on the acupunture points.

Some one who has a dread of speaking in public might say “my public speaking fear” whilst tapping on their acupuncture points.

As with any therapeutic process there are strategies and tactics that can enhance the effectiveness of that therapy. However in it’s basic form EFT just requires someone to “tune in” to their issue and tap on some acupunture points and then assess afterwards whether they might need to do another round of tapping or the issue has gone.

If you consided that thousands of therapists worldwide have used EFT to help millions of people already, it shows that EFT has now become part of the toolbox that any therapist uses to help their patients live happier lives.




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