Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Derby, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT Derby, is being used by thousands of people around the world to help with a variety of emotional issues. EFT is a wonderfully simple technique that can used with an EFT practitioner and/or in the form of self-help. It usually takes one  hour to become familiar with the technique and yet EFT can be life-long recource for releasing emotional frustration, anger, upset and much more.

EFT Helps Life Issues

eft londonToday people use EFT to help with issues such as weight, phobias, fears, anxiety, worry, low confidence, public speaking, relationships, stress and many other of life’s challenges. The philosophy behind  EFT is self-acceptance. If we can accept ourselves we can lead a happier life and we can also change what it is possible to change.

EFT is being used with many physical issues too. With any physical issue there is always going to be some emotional aspect to it. For example, someone who is in pain following a car crash may prolong that pain because they blame someone else for that event. Their pain reminds them to be angry and being angry doesn’t help ease their pain. EFT can help someone leave the past where it belongs in the past. Forgiveness plays a large role in being able to release tension and lead a freer life.

The above example of how EFT might help physical pain can also be true of emotional pain. We might still blame our parents, teachers, siblings for some event long ago. That emotional pain from the past can still affect our lives today and even spoil current relationships. EFT helps us to finally to take the sting out of, and put to rest, past difficult experiences.


EFT in Derbyshire

If you are curious about how EFT could help you, please feel free to contact the Derbyshire (convenient for Derby, Niottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield) EFT practitioner Steven Harold to find out more details. Steven offers a free initial consultation so that you can discuss your needs and goals in more details without any obligation to proceed any further.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques is helping thousands of people and could help you too. Top find out more email Steve@emotional-freedom-technique.org or telephone 01773 436 796


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Professor Tony Stewart Talking About EFT

Professor Tony Stewart Talking About EFT on BBC Midlands TV and showing how effective EFT can be even with clinical issues. Of the 36 patients Professor Stewart worked with, 35 noticed a significant difference in their symptoms.


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How to Gain Self Confidence

Strong Self Confidence

Self confidence is always an interesting aspect of how we think about ourselves and of others. We know of people, friends, relatives and colleagues who seem to exude strong self confidence. We know people who are confident about certain things (eg. public speaking) and those same people can lack confidence about other things (eg. driving a car).

You may have confidence in certain areas of your life such as work and lack confidence in other areas such as relationships or social situations. Confidence doubts can affect anyone.


What Causes Low Self Confidence?

There can be a myriad of causes or reasons for low self confidence. Here are a few of the most popular causes of a lack of confidence:-

  • Bullied at school / work / home
  • Embarrassed by a teacher / parent when younger
  • Made a major error at work
  • Criticised constantly by a parent / teacher / boss
  • Friends / relatives / colleagues have betrayed your trust
  • A partner / wife / husband has belittled you and constantly criticises
  • You are always compared to someone who is successful
  • You have tried and (seemingly) failed with some goal (eg, exam, driving, new job etc)

It’s how you have perceived these events that has undermined your confidence. If you connect to one of the events above, what do you think that event has led you to believe about yourself? If your response is negative (eg. I will never succeed) then it is clear an event like those have had an impact on your life.

Sometimes there isn’t a obvious event or series of events that led to low confidence. Sometimes it can just be what you have come to believe about yourself. However no one is born with low confidence. Some how you have learnt to think and feel and believe in a particular way that has undermined your confidence. Maybe you have learnt to be the first person to criticise yourself hoping that no one else will be as harsh and also hoping that someone will rescue you by saying “No, that’s not true, you are good/successful/skillful etc”. However no matter how many times you do this it never makes the positive difference to the confidence you would like to have.


How to Have Stronger Self Confidence

eft self confidenceIt’s important to deal with any past experiences and events and the emotions and beliefs attached to those. Only through doing this can you build your confidence on firm foundations. We are a product of our past experiences, influences and conclusions but you don’t have to remain a victim of them. In fact a practical and doable first step for anyone who has low self confidence is stop believing your own publicity. In other words stop criticising yourself. How can you possibly expect to feel confident if you have an internal or external voice that keeps sabotaging you. Focus on what you do well and acknowledge it. It’s a small start to better self confidence but a start none the less.


EFT for Self Confidence

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques is a wonderfully simple process (developed by Gary Craig) that can help you release yourself from the self-imposed prision of the past. It helps to put to bed all those past events that have been negatively affecting you today. Your life is far too important to be left to chance. You are far too important to continue carrying some past burden that should have been released ages ago.

EFT helps with this release process. Although my clients get different responses to using EFT, many talk of feeling lighter, just like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They can notice more energy and find that their perception of the world and themselves is changing.

One of the useful aspects of EFT is that it can also be a form of self-help. This means that once you have learn EFT you can use it in your life and for almost any life challenge.


EFT for Confidence in London

I am Steven Harold and an experienced EFT practitioner in London and I have been helping people from London, Essex, Hertfordshire and other areas in the UK for many years. I would be delighted to help you gain stronger self confidence so that you can have more of a “can do” attitude. You can still be the wonderful human being that you are with your unique personality and characteristics but be confident too.

As a therapist one of the amazing aspects to EFT is that you don’t need to believe in it for it to help you. All you need is your willingness to use it with maybe an air of curiosity and notice the differences and changes in yourself. You will be the judge.


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Migraines Headaches Causes and Help

Headaches are a Pain

headachesMost of us have suffered from a headache or two. The headache may last for a hour or so, or can seem to be with us all day. Some people will just suffer the headache with the confidence that it will ease and pass with time. Others will reach for medication in the form of paracetamol, aspirin or other pills to attempt to get quicker relief. Sometimes headaches arise as one of a group of symptoms connected to another health issue such as influenza. For the most part headaches are infrequent and resolvable.

Re-occurring Headaches

For a few people a headache might occur frequently and become a regular issue. If this is the case it is very important to see your medical practitioner for advice and maybe further investigations. Repeated headaches can be a symptom of more health serious issues that will need addressing quickly. Headaches re-occur can be a sign that we need a new pair of glasses and a visit to the optician is called for. However never seld-diagnose the causes of repeated headaches. If nothing else you will get some peace of mind by visiting your doctor and explaining what you have been experiencing.

Migraine Headaches Symptoms, Signs

According to the NHS website migraine headaches may br ing a throbbing sensation to the front or one side of the head. Nausea may be felt and sensitivity to light. Some migraines give early warning signs (with aura – eg. vision difficulties) that a severe headache is about to start and for others there are no warning signs (without aura)

Those migraines with aura at least give the headache sufferer a chance to take medication as soon as possible to try and head off a full blown migraine.

Migraines can be so severe that it can restrict someone’s work and social life with rest needed before they can return to everyday activities again. It is said that 25% of women can suffer from migraines and about 8% of men and the difference is thought to be caused by hormones although this has not been proved conclusively.

Persistant Headaches and Migraines

It is possible to suffer from severe and debiltating headaches that have a large psychological element to them. In fact there will be a psychological element to all repetitious headaches. Have you ever heard someone says “Oh no, he always gives me a headache” or “I hate those meetings I always end up with a headache”. These expressions  clearly indicate an expectation that a headache will arise and a connection to a person or an event.

Even headaches and migraines that have a recognised physical, hormonal or other element to them may be eased by tackling and resolving emotional issues. If you know you are getting the early signs of a migraine you may start tensing up. Tension in the body is not a helpful state and it is likely to increase the intensity of the migraine.

EFT for Migraines and Headaches

Once you have seen your doctor and they have diagnosed the type of headache you have, you may want to seek additional forms of help in managing migraines and headaches. When an emotional component is identified with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) it is often possible resolve or at least reduce the intensity of the headache.

EFT as you will see is a very simple process and it can also be used in the form of self-help. This means that wherever you are when you sense a headache starting you can begin to do something to ease it and feel more in control.

If you would like to find out more about how your migraine or severe headaches may be helped with EFT in London you can book the free initial consultation with Steven Harold, EFT Therapist. Just email him here steve@emotional-freedom-technique.org for help with migraines and headaches












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